Trio Discipleship Groups

I want to tell you about one of the most significant activities that I have undertaken in recent years aimed at growing in my faith in Christ.

Last fall I began meeting with two other men in the congregation for an hour and a half on a weekly basis. We spend seventy-five percent of the time reflecting on a guided bible study using the book “Discipleship Essentials” by Greg Ogden. It is a twenty five lesson study that reviews the basics of our knowledge and practice of the Christian faith. The other twenty-five percent of our time is spent sharing what is going on in our lives and then praying for one another and the church. In addition to the commitment to meet with each other, we each have agreed to invite two other people to go through this group experience next year.

This time has become a source of encouragement and growth, and I look forward to it each week. There is some work involved by reading the material and filling out answers to the questions written in the book, but it has never been a burden. In fact it has been a joy!

It has been said that true growth occurs when you actually put what you have learned into practice. This group has helped me be diligent and accountable in applying the truths of our faith to my life. I am sure they would agree with me in their own lives.

The reason I share this, is that I want to encourage each of you to find two people who would be willing to commit to this model of study and growth. This is not a “program” of the church, but rather it is a discipleship lifestyle that we each are called to. All you need is a willingness to meet weekly (with occasional skipped weeks due to life happening) and an open heart to see what God has for you. I have the material available and would be thrilled to meet with those interested to explain the simple steps to making it happen. My suggestion would be to identify your “trio group” in the next couple of months with a view to beginning in September.

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by and chat.

Grace and peace to each of you!
Your friend and pastor,
Pastor Lee