Annual Family Retreat 2017: Faithbook

"Faithbook" will be our Theme for the Family Retreat at Montreat March 3rd-5th!

Facebook is a social media outlet where many people both young and old share their story with their friends and family. As Christians, we all have a faith story that at some point aligns with Jesus's story. Jesus surrounded himself with some amazing people that helped shape his ministry and tell his story after his death and resurrection; that he is the risen Christ.

Now, there is an old saying that says you can tell a lot about a person from who his or her friends are. Let's take a deeper look into Jesus's story through the eyes of who his closest "Facebook friends" might have been: John the Baptist, Mary his mother, Paul, and James. The purpose of our study will be to help us build up our own Faithbook and journey towards a closer relationship with him.

Mark your calendars and do not miss! There will be something for EVERYONE!

Accommodations available at Reynolds Lodge and Assembly Inn. Registration is open. Reserve your room today!