The Power of Transformation

There is no greater proof of the resurrection of Jesus than a life transformed. I believe this with my whole heart. Over the years I have seen many people transformed because they met Jesus and responded by following with their whole hearts, minds, and wills. It is because of my belief in the resurrection power of Jesus that I dedicated my life to following him and serving those who follow.

The ministry of the church of Jesus Christ is one of the most important ways that God uses to introduce people to the person of Jesus. Through our worship, our fellowship, our discipleship, and our mission, we bear witness to the transforming power of Jesus and invite people to come into His presence. We are the body of Christ, and it is through us that God has chosen to impact the world.

Each of you is an important part of this call of God to the church. There is a place in the body that only you can fill. Together through the influence of the Holy Spirit, we can do more than we could ever do by ourselves. First Presbyterian Church is making a difference in people’s lives.

Every time I look out at our congregation, I know that God is working. Every young person who comes to youth group on Sunday night is being encouraged in Christ. Anytime one of you reaches out in love to someone else, you are making real the caring presence of Jesus. Every night someone without a home is able to sleep in a bed at the homeless shelter, Jesus’ call to us is being fulfilled.

Each of you is an important part of making the transformative power of Jesus real. This month, we begin making plans for the 2017 ministry year. Specifically, we are looking at John Wesley’s instructions to “Earn all You Can, Save all You Can, Give all You can.” I encourage you to reflect on the difference our church is making in your life and in the life of our church and community. Please pray that God would reveal to you how you can financially support the work that we are doing as we bring the love of Jesus to a world desperately in need of it. You will be given the opportunity on November 6th to dedicate your commitment for 2017 in worship.

I know that God has great things in store for us in the coming year!

May the Lord bless each of you!
Your friend and pastor,
Pastor Lee