We Need Easter

The world needs Easter. I am more convinced of this every day I live.

There is so much violence, grief, and sorrow in our world that it is easy to become discouraged. Every day the news reports bring hope crushing stories of nations invading nations, neighbors shooting neighbors, mud-slides destroying towns, and illness ravaging loved ones. It seems like there is more than enough death and disease, betrayal and hurt to go around.

We do live in a fallen and broken world, but this realization is not always enough to help us cope with the mayhem. It seems like evil and the powers of this world are consistently winning against the good, the right, and the will of God. (Please click on "read more" below to continue reading.)

I am sure this is how it felt on that Good Friday...as well as Saturday on into Sunday morning. From the perspective of the followers of Jesus, evil and the powers of this world did win. Their master and teacher was taken, beaten, and hung on a cross until death. Any hope that they had for Jesus to be the one to save them from the oppression of Rome and the corruption of the religious leadership had been crushed. In response to the events of Good Friday, some gathered in fear of the authorities in an upper room while others left Jerusalem dejected and discouraged.

Easter changed all that. While Jesus’ followers should have anticipated what happened given what Jesus had taught about his mission, it was a surprise to them. The tomb was empty! Jesus was raised from the dead! He appeared to his followers! Hope was reborn!

What Easter teaches us is that no place of helplessness or hopelessness in which we might find ourselves is outside of the power of God to redeem or bring new life. While it might seem like the wrong in the world and in our lives is prevailing, it is just a matter of time before God surprises us just like God surprised the disciples on the first Easter Morning.

We need the hope of that first Easter Sunday to give us hope for today and tomorrow.
Right now, you may find yourself in the depths of Good Friday grief or Holy Saturday shock...but Sunday is coming! You may feel that all your friends have betrayed or denied you...but Sunday is coming! You may be profoundly disappointed in the institutions and people of government or the local church...but Sunday is coming!

The world needs Easter; the church needs Easter; we all need Easter...and the truth is Easter is coming in God’s time and in God’s way. Hold fast to this hope and trust in God’s love for you.

May God bless you this Eastertide.
Your friend and pastor,

Pastor Lee