Wholeness and Healing

Just a surface reading of the Gospels will reveal to you that three primary aspects of Jesus’ ministry were Preaching, Teaching, and Healing. He was constantly proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was near; He spent a lot of time teaching about what the kingdom was like and how his listeners should live their faith; Everywhere he went he healed people.

If you reflect on the ministry of the church, you will see clear parallels. We do a lot of preaching or proclaiming the word of God. We tell the world that Jesus came to forgive and offer abundant life. We talk about his costly death on the cross and how he was triumphantly raised that Easter morning. We do a lot of teaching; in fact, much of our ministry is about teaching. Sunday school, small groups, youth ministries, and Bible studies all involve instructing people in the ways of Christ and calling them to follow.

However, the mainline, post-modern church has not emphasized the healing aspect of Jesus’ ministry as much. Perhaps this is because of our scientific world view and the realization that we are not miracle workers. I have never laid hands on a cancer patient, said “be healed” and had the cancer disappear. But does this mean the church does not have a call to a healing ministry?

I have witnessed much emotional healing in peoples lives as they come face to face with Jesus through the church’s ministry. I have seen people who were living aimless lives find meaning and purpose through engagement with God in worship and service. I have witnessed the reconciliation of husbands and wives and the healing of marriage after infidelity.

On Sunday, December 8, I will be leading a Service of Wholeness and Healing at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary. This service comes right out of the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship and includes hymns, congregational prayers, and the opportunity to come forward for the laying on of hands and prayer. I have participated in this service before, and it is very moving and meaningful. I encourage you to join us as we seek the healing of the Lord.

Grace and peace to each of you!
Your friend and pastor,
Pastor Lee