The Church Building

The church building has had many physical changes since First Presbyterian was organized. The church was established in 1827. Until the first church building was constructed, the congregants met in a log building just outside of town on Salisbury Road, sometimes with other denominations, until a church building was erected around 1840. This structure was built at the corner of South Main Street and West Third Avenue. The initial church structure is thought to be the oldest church building in Davidson County. This structure has been remodeled and added on to many times over the last 165 years.

In 1869, a manse was erected behind the church. In 1947, a new home for the minister was built on Westover Drive. The old manse was then used as classroom space. As the church continued to grow, larger facilities were needed. As a result, the educational building was built and dedicated in 1955 on the site where the 80-year-old manse had stood. When new trends emphasized the advantage of the minister's being a home owner, the house on Westover Drive was sold. The church now furnishes a housing allowance for the minister.

In 1989, we erected a new wing to the church which contained a new, enlarged fellowship hall and kitchen area. The wing also had a basement area to be used by the youth groups and Scouting programs. This addition was needed to accomodate the growing list of programs and activities of the church.

In the spring of 1993, the church purchased land across South Main Street from the church and made it into a beautiful landscaped parking lot.

During 1998, in response to the needs of our church family, we constructed a columbarium and memorial garden on our church property.

During 2003 and 2004, we conducted the church's largest construction project, funded by our church members pledging $2,413,315. With the exception of the sanctuary, which had been recently remodeled, the remainder of the building was brought up to present day standards. We installed new heating and air conditioning systems, made the building handicap accessible, rearranged classrooms and spaces to conform to present day uses and programs, and added a wing for our Preschool program, classrooms, and a library and conference room. We put on new roofs, new wallcoverings and paint, and new floor coverings. We now have a building with construction materials that date from 1840 through 2004.