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Chicken Pie Sale for Missions - Fall 2013

UPDATE: Sale extended one week!

We will receive additional orders until 11:00 AM Friday, November 8. Payment will be due at time of pick up on November 17. Please call or email the church office to place your order.

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It's time for our Fall Chicken Pie Sale to raise extra funds that can go directly and immediately to the local helping agencies we support. It is our hope for this sale to go beyond the membership of the church, so we encourage everyone to invite their neighbors, friends and coworkers to order pies.

Large pies (which can serve 6-8) are $12; orders of 3 or more are $11 each. Small pies (which can serve 1-2) are $16 for a box of four pies (must be sold as whole boxes). The pies are "Moravian-style" (meat only, no veggies). Order forms are available at the church or may be downloaded and printed here, and all orders must be in by October 27.

Payment is due at the time orders are placed. Checks should be made payable to First Presbyterian Church. Pies may be picked up Saturday, November 2, 9:00 am-12:00 pm and Sunday, November 3, 12:00-1:00 pm. in the church fellowship hall.

The Presbyterian Table

Changes are afoot for the Wednesday Night Supper Club. They are moving their dinners to a new night (in hopes it will allow choir, handbell, and Men’s Bible Study members to participate and to allow us to visit a wider variety of restaurants), and they are taking a new name! They will reserve a table at a different restaurant each week, and anyone who wants to eat out is invited to come sit at "the Presbyterian table."

The Presbyterian Table will join up for dinner on Thursday nights. What doesn’t change is the time (still 6:00 PM), the premise (an informal group open to all with each person being responsible for his or her own expense), and the fun! We invite you to join us any week for good food, fellowship, and lots of laughter.


Young Disciples Schedule for September-October 2013

SEPTEMBER - Starting the Journey
8     6:00-7:00 PM, Ice Cream Social
15   6:00 PM, Regular meeting in YD room
22   12:00-4:30 PM, Lake Day. Pick up at 4:30 at 2021 Riverside Drive

OCTOBER - Service
6     4:00-7:99 PM, Pig Pickin' at Finch Park; Games with families on small field at 4:15 PM
12   Corn Maze at High Rock Nursery; Meet at 4:00 PM at Christo's on Highway 8,
        Pick up at High Rock Nursery at 7:00 PM
13   Regular meeting in YD room; food drive for Pastor's Pantry
19   Meet to prepare food for The Gathering, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
20   Meet at 8:45 AM to serve at The Gathering; Regular meeting at 6:00 PM in YD room

Wednesday Night Supper Club Fall 2013 Schedule

This informal group is open to all church members; each person is responsible for his or her own expense. Gatherings will be held Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. Everyone is encouraged to join us any week for fun, fellowship, good food, and lots of laughter.


Faith-Health Initiative

FaithHealth NC, a program through Wake Forest Baptist Health, is dynamic partnership between faith communities and health care providers. The mission and purpose of Faith/Health is to develop strong links between medical and faith communities in providing ministries of help and healing to individuals. In Lexington that partnership is between our own Lexington Medical Center and various churches. Our congregation, in fact, has covenanted to be a part of the FaithHealth program.

Summer Ministry Fest

All Ministry Team moderators, volunteers, willing workers, and all others who are interested, please plan to join us Sunday, July 14, 6:00-8:00 PM in the fellowship hall for Summer Ministry Fest.

All the Ministry Teams and all those willing to help in carrying out the work of the church will come together and, in both a fun and informative way, will work together on the reorganization under the new Session structure. Your input and participation is important!

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to the church office by July 7.

From Our Summer Interim - 6/25/2013

Dear First Presbyterian Friends,

I hope your summer is going well! Again, I'm enjoying my time with you and thank you for your kindness and hospitality.

Just a few of things:

1. You are good listeners, and I appreciate your feedback from sermons. Some of you have requested copies of sermons. I'm happy to supply copies, but I must tell you that like all preachers I fell into a particular style over many years. I write as I would speak, thus my sermon manuscripts are full of incomplete sentences and in some places, where I'm providing illustrations or stories, I simply note them. Nevertheless, I'll get Jeanna to make some copies and place them in the lobby outside the sanctuary.

2. In spending time with Pastor Lee prior to my coming, he was concerned that the change in the structure of Session and some of the re-organization that it required
was taking place during his sabbatical leave. Thus, he asked that I seek to get all the Ministry Teams and all those willing to help in carrying out the work of the church together at least once this summer. Rather than have scattered meetings throughout the summer, I suggested to the Session that we do this in one concentrated evening, and they agreed. We are calling this event "Summer Ministry Fest. The date is: Sunday evening July 14 from 6-8 PM. A light supper will be served. Ministry Team chairs, volunteers, willing workers, and all those who are interested are invited. In order to plan for the meal, we will be taking reservations soon and Ministry Team Chairs will be contacting you.

3. Let's pray for our Acts Alive group and their advisors who are on their mission trip to West Virginia the week of June 23-30. And let's pray for our annual VBS with our friends from First United Methodist Church, held daily June 24-27.

4. Many thanks for your response to gathering supplies for First Presbyterian Church, Statesville in their mission team efforts to those recovering from the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma.

5. Pastor Lee has an excellent blog from a link ("A Season of Sabbath") on the website - You can keep up with some of his sabbatical highlights there ( And let us keep him and his family in our prayers!

This is too long already!! Blessings and Christ's peace!

Pastor Rob

Oklahoma Relief Efforts

We received an email from First Church - Statesville asking for our help in gathering supplies requested by response teams on the ground in Oklahoma for tornado relief efforts there. First - Statesville is organizing a mission trip targeting smaller communities in and around the Oklahoma City area, departing June 29 and returning July 6. If you would like to donate supplies, a collection box is in place in our church lobby; please have your donations in no later than this Sunday, June 23. Needed items are as follows.

General Supplies
- Bottled Water
- Canned Food
- Tarps
- Brooms
- Work Gloves
- Trash Bags
- Masks
- Hand Sanitizer
- Wire Cutters
- Utility Knives
- Pry Bars
- Loppers
- Safety Glasses/Goggles
- Ice Chests

Medical Supplies
- Hand Sanitizer
- Gloves, Medium and Large
- Lysol Wipes
- 5-­‐gallon Water Jugs
- Sleeves of Cups
- Quart- and Gallon-sized Ziplock Bags
- Bandaids
- Gauze Pads
- Tefla/non-­‐stick Dressings
- Medical Tape
- Gauze Rolls
- Ace Wraps
- Tylenol/Advil
- Blankets
- Camp Chairs
- Folding Tables
- 10'x10' (approx) canopies


Dear First Presbyterian Friends,

I'm enjoying my time here, getting to know you, trying to remember names, learning about you and Lexington. I find it very "easy" to be among you - You are so gracious, and I thank you!

Speaking of what is easy and what is difficult, here's a "little something" I pass along for thought and contemplation . . . . . .

Grace & Peace to you!
Pastor Rob

Hitting a pitched baseball is difficult.
Acting gracious to someone you despise: difficult.
Understanding nuclear physics is difficult.
Negotiating I-40 traffic during rush hour is difficult.
Keeping weight off after 40, that's difficult.
Remembering where your glasses and keys are, difficult.
Watching a child learn to walk
or an older person learn to walk again, difficult.
Singing a hymn you don't know
to a tune you don't know, that's difficult.
Hitting a wedge shot from beneath the lip of a sand trap, difficult.
Deciding to join a church,
or deciding to leave a church, both difficult.
Watching someone you love hurt,
or letting go of someone you love, both very difficult.
Keeping a secret,
Learning how to say YES,
Learning how to say NO - All difficult.
Keeping crabgrass out of your garden,
Keeping deer out of your garden,
Keeping children out of puddles - All difficult.

"And this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not difficult." (I John 5:3)

Emm? . . . . . Then why don't we?

Wednesday Night Supper Club 2013 - Summer Schedule

This informal group is open to all church members; each person is responsible for his or her own expense. Gatherings will be held Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. Everyone is encouraged to join us any week for fun, fellowship, good food, and lots of laughter.


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