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Our Vision: First Presbyterian Church is a loving community in Christ where we Call People to Faith, Develop them as Disciples, and Send them to Serve.

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Let There Be Peace On Earth, And Let It Begin With Me

I remember as a youth in church singing this song at youth gatherings and at camp in the summer. In college, when I led worship for the Presbyterian Fellowship, I often picked this song for its simple and clear message. Today, as we are bombarded with daily stories of violence and division, it remains as relevant as when it was written in 1955.

The song was originally written against the back drop of the end of World War 2, the Korean Conflict and the rise of the cold war. According to the publisher’s website: “Sy Miller and Jill Jackson were a husband and wife songwriting team. In 1955 they wrote a song about their dream of peace for the world and how they believed each one of us could help create it.”

Sy Miller wrote in his own words what happened:
“One summer evening in 1955, a group of 180 teenagers of all races and religions, meeting at a workshop high in the California mountains locked arms, formed a circle and sang a song of peace. They felt that singing the song, with its simple basic sentiment – 'Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me,' helped to create a climate for world peace and understanding. ‘When they came down from the mountain, these inspired young people brought the song with them and started sharing it. And, as though on wings, 'Let There Be Peace on Earth' began an amazing journey around the globe.” http://www.jan-leemusic.com/Site/History.html

Here we are 61 years later, and the message of this song is still crucially important, especially for those of us who follow Jesus the Prince of Peace.

We are living in a world that is deeply divided over issues of race, politics, sexuality, economics, and many others. People of good conscience disagree over what is the right way to go in each of these areas... as people have for ages. Yet, over the last decade, it feels like the ability to “agree to disagree” has been lost. Instead, if someone is not “with you” he or she is “against you;” and if someone is “against” you, it is your responsibility to bring that person down.

It seems to me that as Christians it is part of our responsibility to buck this trend. God has never expected us to force a unity of thought that is not truly present, but we have always been called to reflect the love and forgiveness of Jesus to those with whom we disagree. How would our current climate be different, if we made an effort to follow the words of Paul: “See that none of you repays evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to all.” (1 Th 5:15)

What if we really tried to “let peace begin with us?” What if we really tried to let love begin with us? What if each of us bucked the current trend to vilify others and instead allowed love and peace to be our first response?

We really can’t effect what’s happening a half a country away, but we can effect what is happening in the little world around us. The love and peace of Jesus is transformative. If we made it a priority to embody that love and peace in all of our interactions with every person we meet, I do believe that we would make a significant Kingdom difference in our world.
So today, I encourage you to join with me in singing once again,“let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

Grace and peace to each of you.
Your friend and pastor,
Pastor Lee

2016 Summer Sunday Schedule

Summer Schedule  
Beginning Sunday June 12th, we will begin operating on a “summer schedule” through the end of August.

Sunday School will begin at 9:00 a.m., and Traditional Worship in the sanctuary will be held at 10:00 a.m.


Following is the full list of changes that the summer schedule will bring:

Sermon Schedule

July 10, 2016
On The Road To Jericho
Luke 10:25-37

July 17, 2016
Choosing the Better Part
Luke 10:38-42

July 24, 2016
Wrestling With God
Genesis 32:22-32

July 31, 2016 - Donna Hurt Preaches

August 7, 2016
Dive in - The Story of Naman
2 Kings 5 :1-19

Presbyterian Table - Summer/Fall 2016

The Presbyterian Table meets Thursday nights at 6:00 PM, reserving a table at a different restaurant each week. Anyone who wants to eat out is invited to come sit at "the Presbyterian table." This is an informal group open to all with each person being responsible for his or her own expense. We invite you to join us any week for good food, fellowship, and lots of laughter.


  • July 21 - Palermos Italian Restaurant, 57 Plaza Parkway, Lexington (near Belk)
  • July 28 - Christo's, 1718 Cotton Grove Road, Lexington
  • Aug. 4 - Mi Casa, 278 N Talbert Boulevard, Lexington
  • Aug. 11 - Ruby Tuesday, 1044 Randolph Street, Thomasville
  • Maranatha!

    It seems that every day there is another news story that brings bad news. Most recently it is the bombing in Istanbul, Turkey which follows Orlando, Brussels, San Bernadino, and Paris. We also read about flood ravaged West Virginia, storm damaged mid-west, and the loss of life and property that goes along with such stories.

    Don't Go on Vacation!

    Well summer is just about here, and most everyone is making plans for some time away from the rush of normal life. I am looking forward to a week with my family at my parent’s house on Hatteras. I know other people are planning trips to the North Carolina mountains or to Florida or out west.

    The change of pace of summer is something that many people look forward to. Life in the summer is a little slower with many of the activities we are involved in on hiatus. This different pace provides a much needed breather in the midst of a hectic world.

    Leaving a Legacy, Securing the Future

    The United States is in the midst of a major demographic shift. In 2013 the older population - persons aged 65 or older - represented 14.1% of the U.S. population. In the next 20 years that percentage is expected to rise to 21% of the population.

    The Baby Boom Generation (born 1945 - 1964) is nearing retirement age and accounts for the expected growth in the retired age group. Interestingly, the birth rates for those generations following the Baby Boom Generations were not as robust, and so there will be fewer workers available to replace those retiring Baby Boomers. This presents a challenge to the business sector in the coming years, but it will also effect participation and giving in the church at large.

    Welcome to Online Giving!

    A major study of giving patterns in churches have revealed that an increasing number of people are looking to make donations through online means. The reasons are clear: 1) People are paying many other bills through online portals, and they would like to do the same for the church; 2) Online giving makes it easy to give even when one cannot be at church.

    A number of people give to First Presbyterian Church with “billpay” offered through their banks. An individual schedules a gift through the bank’s bill pay system, and a check is sent to the church through the mail from the bank. There are no fees associated with this method.

    Others would rather give more directly through online giving offered through the church’s website. We now have the ability to offer this to those who would like to support our church’s ministry.

    You will see on the right hand side of our website a box called “My Online Donation.” This offers two ways to give. The first is a “quick give” where you do not set up a donor account. The second way is to set up a donor account through the donor portal.
    A donor account allows you to:
    • to set up recurring giving which is automatic each week or month.
    • to track your donations for the year which is helpful for tax purposes.
    • to set pledge goals for yourself.

    Shelter Volunteers Needed

    Our thanks go out to all who have volunteered at Crisis Ministry’s Homeless Shelter for the coming year, whether in preparing and serving a meal or staying overnight. Men, there are still dates available for those who would like to volunteer to stay overnight at the shelter. If you would like to volunteer for an overnight stay, would like to prepare and serve a meal (3rd Wednesday night of each month), or if you would like more information about volunteering at the shelter, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Samanta Henderson.

    Small Group Bible Studies

    Small groups offer a place to both grow in our relationship with God and in our relationships with other church members through fellowship and Bible study. If you are interested in joining or facilitating a small group, or if you’d like more information, please contact Blake Benton.

    Right Now Media Library

    I am excited to announce a new way that First Presbyterian Church can help you develop as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We have partnered with RightNow Media to make available to you a large library of free video resources. It's essentially the "Netflix of Video Bible Studies" because you will have instant access to thousands of great videos for kids, youth, parents, married couples and more. You can view these videos from your phone, tablet or computer. You can also view them in a group setting through a TV or projector. There are over 2000 videos from some great teachers including Max Lucado, Francis Chan, Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley, and more.

    Our Changing Context for Ministry...

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